Marine Catering Management Company

Your Catering Manager (CM) comes with expertise in handling the complete Ship catering and provision needs of the vessels. The CM consistently ensures seamless coordination to ensure 100% success rate in all the assignments.

Our Catering expert team constantly works on designing a menu, keeping in mind various factors like health, cultural practices, nationality mix, and provision availability to create balanced and nutritious meals for your staff. We also step up to meet new challenges like precautions during pandemics, focused training sessions, and many more. SMS is the best marine catering management company and it is a truly global solution provider with its extensive network, and as such, we are considerate of the different time zones our vessels are in.


Scorpio Marine’s plan of action is centered on Customer fulfillment and persistent improvement. Our committed base office staff comprises experienced experts who are specialists in running the entire catering department on board vessels of all types. Their everyday exercise includes negotiations with channel partners, processing requests from vessels, logistics arrangement, any help to the Chief cook, direction on demand arranging and so on. A dedicated account manager is assigned for each vessel to ensure seamless coordination and decrease communication gap. This account manager keeps track of the requirements onboard and provides suitable solutions regularly. This direct communication between the account manager and vessel permits keeping up consistency and stays unaffected because of crew change and trading locations.


A well-balanced menu plays a vital role in providing the much required energy to carry out the days routine. Many a times, a simple solution could bring all the difference to enable a healthy lifestyle. The Catering experts, guide the chief cook to include all vital nutrients, in the right proportion and quantity, while planning the set of menus. The experts work in parallel with the provisions supply team to profile the vessels, based on their consumption pattern and weekly menu. The trend report will highlight the recommended versus actual nutrition intake in food groups. This is a good indicator to ensure a healthy crew. We are in constant communication with the Vessel’s Master to address the challenges they may be facing, and an appropriate solution is given to resolve the situation. These may range from customized recipes to ...


Supply of provisions through our organized process, eliminates the need of conducting cash purchases at ports. This eliminates the risk of substandard provisions, incorrigible invoices, handling cash and the trouble for the onboard team to coordinate and carryout the purchase. We track every step of the order and ensure compliance of delivery time, agreed rate and quality. Subsequently, the biggest value adds we bring to you are the reduced administrative costs and supply of quality and hygienic provisions to maintain the food safety standards at all times.


SMC Marine Catering Management Company are able to supply provisions in any of the major ports that will suit your vessel. We along with our reliable vendors believe in going all the way through the journey and maintain the promise we have given. We have supply network already in place at 600+ ports in more than 85+ countries. Currently, we have 380+ ships under our umbrella and expanding fast every day. On-time delivery is our prime motto to be successful in this industry. Our methodology will enable you in achieving maximum savings through reduced administrative costs and better purchase practices.


A true global network needs to consider the different the time zones the vessels are trading and an immediate response to every request is expected during emergencies. To meet these expectations, we have developed a state of the art portal, to manage the day to day transactions between the vessel, supply vendors and the base office. This portal is truly dynamic and triggers the next steps instantaneously, thereby eliminating the time delay normally caused by manual intervention. All stakeholders have login facility to initiate requests and also run reports.


Being accessible 24X7 to take into account all conditions shows our responsibility towards client assistance. Our group liaises closely with Ship’s Master to understand their needs and strive to serve them better. This front end operational group is additionally assisted by a committed Finance group who assume a significant job in dealing with the financial transactions, food costing, payments and month end budgetary reports. Additionally, since we handle our whole primary and sub providers legitimately, we have a superior control on the whole supply chain.