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Scorpio Marine Services (SMS) is a fast-growing Top Marine Catering Management and Culinary Training Company, emphasizing guaranteed delivery of high-quality provisions and professional training for chefs onboard.

Our major focus is on providing a dynamic provisions-ordering system leading to great savings on time and money. As vessels have tough schedule to follow, one cannot afford to go wrong in catering operations. With experience spanning many decades, the catering experts at SMS step in to free you from this sensitive and time-consuming responsibility. Your single point of contact (Catering manager) makes sure that your crew has constant access to hygienic and healthy food throughout your journey, all the while keeping the approved budget in mind. Since our inception in Singapore (September 2014), we have grown very fast to cover over 600+ ports in more than 85+ countries to this day. We are proud to serve over 500+ ships and most of them have been through referrals.

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Scorpio Marine Services was launched in September 2014 and is registered in the city of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. With our expertise in Top marine catering management, we guide the vessels in standardizing and controlling the victualing. Our group helps the vessel to take educated choices in replenishing healthy provisions, depending on the trading pattern of the vessel. We ensure that the crew onboard has access to a balanced and nutritious diet regimen based on social and cultural needs.

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Catering Management

Your Catering Manager (CM) comes with expertise is handling the complete catering and provision needs of the vessels. The CM consistently ensures seamless coordination to ensure 100% success rate in all the assignments.The Catering expert team constantly works on designing menu, keeping in mind various factors like health, cultural practices, nationality mix and provisions availability to create balanced and nutritious meals for your staff.

Marine Culinary Training Center

This Center of Excellence was formed to create a professional approach to Catering solutions. The core team comes with expertise and experience in the Hospitality, an industry well known for high standards of standardization.The Training center undertakes … Design and deliver comprehensive training programs guaranteed to meet client’s requirements.

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We are able to supply provisions in any of the major ports that will suit your vessel. We along with our reliable vendors believe in going all the way through the journey and maintain the promise we have given. Scorpio Marine have supply network already in place at 600+ ports in more than 85+ countries. Currently, we have 500+ ships under our umbrella and expanding fast every day. On time delivery is our prime motto to be successful in this industry. Our methodology will enable you in achieving maximum savings through reduced administrative costs and better purchase practices.

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